Great Themes of Paul - Life as Participation

Lesson 01 - Overview: Paul's Life and Letters

1-10 AD – “Saul” is born a Greek-speaking Jew in the Diaspora in Tarsus, Asia Minor.
20-30 – A rabbinical student in Jerusalem under Gamliel, speaks Aramaic too. Achieves some status in the Sanhedrin, temple police and as a Pharisee. Jesus is killed somewhere during this period.
33-36 – Leads raids against a new Jewish heretical sect called “the Way”.
39 – Escapes from Damascus and goes to Jerusalem to present himself to Peter, James and John.
43 – Antioch with Barnabas, distinguishes himself from the Judaizers.
45-49 – First missionary journey to Cyprus, Lystra and back to Antioch.
49 – Defends himself at the first Council of Jerusalem, criticizes Peter.
50-52 – Second missionary journey to Galatia, Phillipi, Thessalonika, Athens, Corinth.
53-58 – Third missionary journey to Ephesus and Corinth.
58-60 – In jail in Caeserea, trial before Felix.
60 – Voyage to Rome, via Malta shipwreck, under military guard in Rome.
63 – Freed from prison, goes to Ephesus.
67 – Again a prison in Rome, where he is presumably beheaded.

47-52 AD– Thessalonians (oldest book in New Testament, expects Jesus to return soon)
56 – Phillipians (compilation of at least two letters)
57 – 1 Corinthians
57 – 2 Corinthians (compilation of at least two letters)
57 – Galatians
58 – Romans (theological treatise more than a letter)
61 – Philemon (the only completely personal letter)
61 – Collosians (did Paul or his students write it? Cosmic vision of Christ)
63 – Ephesians (did Paul or his students write it? His Grand Manifesto, if he did.)
66 – 2 letter to Timothy (Pauline authorship still debated)
(Rohr assumes 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, Titus, and Hebrews are probably not Pauline)

Lesson 02 - Paul's Conversion Experience

Lesson 03 - Why You Do Not Need to Dislike Paul

Lesson 04 - Flesh and Spirit as False Self and True Self

Lesson 05 - Sin and Death: Real Force Fields

Lesson 06 - The Mystery: Paul's Love of Paradox

Lesson 07 - Paul's Corporate Understanding of Everything

Lesson 08 - Was Paul a Rebel? Freedom and the Law

Lesson 09 - Community: Paul's Primary Audiovisual Statement

Lesson 10 - The Parabola of Transformation

Lesson 11 - Concluding Readings and Questions